Book Corner: My Brother is Autistic

17 April 2017

My book corner choice this month is: My Brother is Autistic by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

I told my teacher that I wished more kids understood autism, because if they did, then maybe they'd give kids like Billy a chance!

We ordered this book to help our youngest son understand more about his brother's autism (read more here). We had some books at home but the title of this book seemed to fit our purpose precisely. I was initially draw to it by the title and then the wonderful illustrations by Marta Fabrega.

This is the story of a sibling who is struggling to explain his brothers's autistic behaviour. When his brother has a meltdown during lunch-time he responds by running away and then feels guilty that he was embarrassed.  A kind teacher steps in and helps him to explain that autism can mean different things to different people and that everyone has strengths.

As autism is a spectrum condition it is very difficult to write a book that can fit everyone's situation and this book does acknowledge this and has a very helpful, Note to parents section.

My eldest son's reaction to the book was quite interesting as he said he liked the beginning and ending but he wasn't comfortable with the meltdown in the book and the siblings embarrassment. I would say that this is because it is not a book for the autistic child but the sibling.

This is a story of developing patience, understanding and tolerance of others. I also like how it shows siblings that it is OK to discuss your own worries, thoughts and feelings. Something that many siblings of special needs children do find difficult.

There is an awful lot of information about autism given through this book. The author has tried to pack a lot in and this in my opinion has been slightly detrimental to the story. However, I did like how they had also put focus on the positive aspects of autism and how we are all unique.

I really liked the end to the story where we got a glimpse into the siblings close relationship - I wish more had been made of that!

Our rating: 7/10
Price: 4.99

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