The Dutch are a strange bunch because...

26 April 2017

Dear friend,

Tomorrow  is a special day in Holland. It is King's day. A national Holiday where the Dutch celebrate their King's birthday and general Dutchness and join in with loads of festivities most of which will include a beer or two. It is a fun day for all! 

On days like this I usually find myself thinking about our choice to live in Holland and the differences between Dutch and English culture more. Rather naively, I didn't anticipate many differences but I guess when you fall in love you are looking for similarities not differences. After more than ten years living in Holland, I notice the differences less but they are there.

The Dutch are a strange bunch because...

Text: They build the steepest stairs in the world - picture of steep stairs

2. They drive big family cars but have tiny car parking spaces.
3. They have huge windows but never shut their curtains
Text: The Dutch love wearing Orange - a huge crowd all wearing orange
5. They don't eat pies or pasties
6. They hate people turning up at their homes without an appointment. Want to meet for coffee? Bring your agenda and plan it in, weeks in advance.
Text: Dutch sit in circle and drink coffee at birthday parties
See the dutch circle party guide from Invading Holland.
8. They ask you how much you earn
9. Every decision is discussed and negotiated
Dutch people don't queue - people crowding around the train
11. Dutch men drink lots of milk, at lunch time in the office you will see a colleague with his broodje en Melk (sandwich and milk)
12. They eat cheese and ham sandwiches and cake for breakfast
13. Anything deep fried is considered a Dutch delicacy.
Kids are allowed to eat chocolate sprinkles on bread
15. They say the f word on the radio and TV
The Dutch can ride bikes with 3 kids, a buggy attached and side bags full of shopping whilst carrying an umbrella
17. They clap when the film ends in the cinema and some cinemas still have intermissions.
18. The shops close on a Sunday and on a Monday morning.
Dutch need little excuse to change out the flags

20. Everyone will speak English with you until a certain time when everyone will refuse to speak English and suddenly start loudly speaking Dutch at you. Now you know you've been integrated!

Disclaimer: I love living in Holland. You can read my Why I am proud to call Holland home piece here.

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