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7 June 2017

Dear friend,

I come from a family who are big on greetings cards, at Christmas especially, we go all out to find everyone, and I mean everyone, a special card, the best auntie, cousin, Stepmum, second cousin twice removed, you get the idea... In the UK that is relatively easy as we lead the way on greeting card design.

  • No other country has such a tradition of card sending or card display in the home
  • We buy more cards per person than any other nation - 33 each a year.
  • 85% of all cards are bought by women.
  • The UK card industry is ten years ahead of the rest of the world in terms of design.
  • Greeting cards are stocked in more types of outlet than any other product – with one in six retailers stocking greeting cards.
Facts from the Greeting Card Association

I remember when I first moved to Holland being shocked by the tiny selection of cards in the local shops and forget about poetic verses of epic proportions (loved by my mum) a short single line message sufficed. I turned to online greetings companies and have used them for around 10 years but after several disappointments including, no shows, late arrivals (on a few occasions) poor print quality on photo cards and in my opinion, high prices. I thought it was time for an alternative. 

I am also looking to improve my environmental credentials as I am very concerned about the amount of paper being wasted. Lessening of paper usage was predicted due to the electronic revolution. It didn’t happen and demand for paper is expected to double before 2030.  50% of business waste is paper. With this in mind, we have been attempting to use less paper and become more electronic at work and at home. We are recycling more and relying on online filing systems for documents and electronic file sharing accounts. I am printing less and storing more. 

I know lots of people who, in the spirit of environmental awareness (or financial awareness)  have stopped sending greetings cards and now rely on Facebook to send their congratulations or special messages. Whilst I enjoy receiving a FB Happy Birthday, I find it too generic and want something I can personalise with a great design.  Paperless Post offers this so when they contacted me I jumped at a chance to try their services.

Paperless Post helps you create online and paper stationery that reflects your individual aesthetic

The website is really clear and well designed. It is very easy to navigate and has a broad range of cards available. I also really loved the variety of card types, there really is something for everyone including leading designers such as Kate Spade New York, Oscar de la Rente, Johnathon Adler and John Derian. It is really easy to edit the designs too and choose alternate colour schemes or alter the text. There is sufficient room to be able to add a quote or a special message to add that personal touch (which my mum would appreciate!)

My favourite touch is the envelope. The card raises out of an envelope that can be designed to match the card. I love this because it is just like unwrapping a special gift in your inbox. Opening the card in my mail really did give me the same buzz as opening a paper card.

Another great feature is that you receive a reminder mail to say when your card will be sent (the day before) this really appealed to my super organised side as I could set up my cards for the month and rest assured that I will be reminded, the day before an event. I can then app/call to give my congratulations if I wish.

Paperless post do some amazing invitations too, I can't wait to plan our BBQ party in the summer because they have some really cute designs and the best bit, no addressing loads of envelopes or dropping off cards, I hate that! All you need to do is access your contacts and it's all done in the click of a button!

Coins are the currency used on the site. Coins are sold in packages. There are card designs that are completely free to send, and designs that cost Coins. Adding premium elements to cards will add a coin cost. Premium options include: envelopes, liners, stamps, logos, and backdrops. Rather handily the cost of your card per recipient appears at the top right corner when you're creating it. 

I sent 3 cards to 3 different friends all celebrating their birthday in the same week (yes can you believe it?) All contacted me to say how much they had loved receiving their cards.

Original...well designed... a lovely surprise...
were some of the comments I received. My cards averaged 4 coins each so I will be saving myself money in the long run too!

I really feel like I have found a perfect alternative to Paper Greetings cards with Paperless post online stationary. It is something that suits my style and is customisable and easy to use whilst still providing that special element of surprise. I would highly recommend them!

You might want to try out the Paperless post app too.

This is a collaborative post with Paperless Post but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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