One Moment in Time with Catherine Stribling

16 August 2017

Welcome to one moment in time, a guest posts series, where bloggers share the stories behind special or significant photographs. This week's featured blogger is the lovely Catherine Stribling..

This is my mum and her three granddaughters. This was taken last summer on the weekend of her 60th birthday. We had arranged a surprise weekend away at a house in Ramsgate with the bigger surprise being my brother and his wife hiding upstairs in the bathroom! They had flown over from America especially for mums birthday and the big surprise.

This photo sums up the happiness of that weekend. All if the family together having fun and making memories.

Planning her birthday was so exciting and she had no idea what was going on until she arrived. My dad was responsible for getting her there and he wasn't allowed to say anything about the destination. We were all there when they arrived. So excited for what else we had planned. We had hidden my brother and his wife in the bathroom and gave mum the 'tour' of the house all the way up to the bathroom where they were hiding. I have never seen somebody so surprised when she opened the bathroom door to see them sat in the bath! We even managed to catch it all on camera!

Photo of a grandma with 2 happy children

We all managed to keep it a secret for about six months which wasn't always easy but well worth it.

I loved that we were planning something for her that was so special and meant that she could spend the whole weekend with the people she loved.

She does so much for all of us and the girls are constantly being spoilt by her and my Dad. It was great to do something for her and we all had a brilliant weekend celebrating.

This summer we are heading off to a house in France as a family and I can't wait to create more memories all together.

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