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1 September 2017

Dear friend,

Welcome to the "best of...#ablogginggoodtime."  Katie and I are overwhelmed by the number of fantastic posts linked up each week and in an effort to give something back I decided to run a monthly feature to showcase some of the brilliant bloggers who regularly link up with us.

The diversity of posts linked up every month is amazing...everything from recipes to poems and lists, heartfelt and inspiring stories to hilarious tales and brilliant tips. Thank you so much! I know that we both struggle every week to pick out a featured post.

This months featured posts include:  

Life Lessons to remember

Having one of those days? You might want to read on…

This weekend I had one of those days, you know them, life lesson learning days. I had a market stall, booked and paid for, of course Chops had developed a mystery fever. I was full of the mum guilt. Determined to make my new business work I set up my stall, nipped to the loo before the crowds came and opened the cash box. They came, they left. I made a lovely loss. I came home, freezing and hungry after forgetting lunch. When I saw the huge display of flowers on the kitchen table a smile spread slowly across my face. Until I saw that they were from my old employer. Then I cried. It’s all part of life.

Until that day, I knew I was doing the right thing by working for myself. Although my blog is slow going, the markets had been fairly steady. I felt my eyes welling up and for the first time I doubted the life I had chosen. I was cold, tired, and worst of all, skint. All I wanted was a holiday, a manicure and a whacking great gin. We needed bread before I could have something to eat.


Midsummer camping at Silver Strand / En camping à Silver Strand pour la Saint-Jean

There is something magical about Midsummer. The word conjures up images of a long, gloriously sunny day and roaring bonfires, with folk music and people merrily dancing into the night. How I love this time of year…

For lack of a proper bonfire, we usually light a fire in our beloved fire pit. We don’t jump over it as per the tradition. Instead we roast marshmallows over the embers and make s’mores.

Last year we went to the beach, for a midsummer evening full of enchanting surprises.
For this year’s St. John’s Eve, a.k.a. 23rd June, we went camping.

Wolohan’s Silver Strand Caravan and Camping Park, Co Wicklow, is only half an hour down the road, so we left on Friday evening after Brian returned home from work. Following a quick dinner at home, we loaded the car and headed out, as the sun started shining through the dark heavy clouds.

Picking a spot to pitch our tent was a no-brainer. The flat-ish top of the grassy knoll was a little breezy perhaps, but the breathtaking views over the Irish Sea, down below and as far as the eye could see, more than made up for it.

Le solstice d’été est une période pleine de magie, évoquant longues journées ensoleillées, feux de joie et danses populaires sous les étoiles. Que j’aime cette saison pleine de lumière !

A défaut de feu de joie, nous célébrons la Saint-Jean en allumant un feu dans notre fidèle brasero. Au lieu de sauter par-dessus, nous faisons griller des chamallows à la braise pour confectionner des s’mores (un chamallow grillé et deux carrés de chocolat noir pris en sandwich entre deux biscuits secs).

L’an dernier, nous sommes allés à la plage, pour une soirée pleine de surprises.
Cette année, pour la Saint-Jean, c’est-à-dire le 23 juin, nous sommes allés camper.

Le camping Wolohan’s Silver Strand, Co Wicklow, étant situé à une demi-heure de route, nous sommes partis le vendredi soir, une fois Brian rentré du bureau. Après un dîner vite expédié à la maison, nous avons chargé la voiture et pris la route. Le soleil commençait à percer derrière les lourds nuages gris.

Choisir un emplacement où planter notre tente fut un jeu d’enfant. Certes, le haut à peu près plat de la butte était un peu exposé, mais la vue époustouflante sur la mer d’Irlande, en contrebas et à l’infini, en valait bien la peine.

Another Day in Trump-Nation: Tweetzilla Strikes Again

The president is good at tweeting at people who criticize him. The latest is Connecticut Senator Blumenthal, over his Vietnam-era military service.
My seven year old might be more socially mature than our current President. Every morning I scroll through my favorite online current event sites and rarely is there a morning where I don’t read a new report of outlandish behavior courtesy of our Nation’s leader. Of all the personnel in President Trump’s world, can no one be appointed to stand next to his computer and slap it shut when he tries to tweet? Can we get someone on that assignment stat please.

How is anyone ever going to take you seriously if you are spending your days ranting away on social media? Even tweens know that kind of behavior is immature and ridiculous Donald. Sigh. So here is the most recent tweet-tastic rant from our fearless (and clueless leader:)

Quiz: What’s Your Housework Superhero Name?

At the risk of going all Stepford on you (which you should by now that I am not), I want to talk about an inevitable part of life that most of us hate but literally NEVER goes away. You guessed it non-Stepford friends; the dreaded housework!

When it comes to the H word, I’ve sat on every side of the fence. At 16 living in a place for the first time on my own, I didn’t really have that much in the way of space or possessions that could require too much in the way of housework. Later, as a student, I regularly bought new crockery and clothes to avoid washing the ones I already had. Fast forward to 2016 and there I was with a toddler and a new-born, literally tearing my hair out over unwashed clothes, un-mopped floors, and streaky bathroom mirrors. I’d like to think that 2017 Aleena has found a happy medium.

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