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29 September 2017

Dear friend,

Welcome to the "best of...#ablogginggoodtime."  Katie and I are overwhelmed by the number of fantastic posts linked up each week and in an effort to give something back I decided to run a monthly feature to showcase some of the brilliant bloggers who regularly link up with us.

The diversity of posts linked up every month is amazing...everything from recipes to poems and lists, heartfelt and inspiring stories to hilarious tales and brilliant tips. Thank you so much! I know that we both struggle every week to pick out a featured post.

This months featured posts include:  


With busy schedules, lunches to pack, school work to finish and clubs to attend, not to mention jobs of our own, it’s safe to say that creativity at home can sometimes be, shall we say, lacking – especially as energy levels dip. These six tips and tricks will help you and your little ones to feel creative at home in no time.

Have a ‘bored jar’ on hand

‘Bored jars’ can be life savers whenever you hear that dreaded exclamation of boredom. Bored jars are essentially jars filled with fun ideas for keeping little ones occupied. All you need is a jar and scraps of paper on which you can write favourite activities you and the kids like to share or ones they can do on their own. Write a film, play charades, pull out a board game, make homemade play dough – all of these can save a rainy day and get imaginations ticking.

Make your creative space personal…    


This Is For Girls, And That Is For Boys

I can’t even begin to tell you how much rage “that’s for girls, that’s for boys” makes me feel. Pretty angry to be honest, especially when it’s said to my daughter. I remember learning about gender stereotypes when I was 14 and it shook me then with so much anger. I was determined that if I ever had children, and at 14 I was pretty adamant I never would, never tell them something was for girls and something was for boys because it is a massive lie. A teacher got us to look through the Argos catalogue and see who was playing with trains and mechanic sets and who was playing with dolls and kitchens. It’s still done to this day. It is reinforcing that girls are the homemakers, the babymakers, the cooks, cleaners, the mothers and that’s all they are good for. It’s showing that boys will grow up to do and be, and girls will be left behind. Girls and boys can play, do, be whatever they want to be. They have choices. That is just a simple fact that so many people want to battle against. So many people say oh no you can’t play with that. But what really annoys me most is that it’s not really my daughter that’s told she can’t do this, that or the other but other little boys who are told they can’t play with “girls” things.


Child-proofing an iPad

One of the greatest tools for Archers development lately has been his iPad. iPads, iPhones and the associated technology are such an ingrained part of our culture, and many kids are seemingly born knowing how to use them.

However, as great as iPads are, there are issues that can arise with giving your children free reign a new iPad. I’ve decided to go over some tips to help prevent things like bill shock, as well as tightening up the privacy and security of your child’s device.



We've all got secrets

I’ve been thinking a lot about trust lately, about secrets.

I don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook anymore, occasionally sharing a picture of the kids or a meme that I find funny when I’m up later than I should. I keep the Thirsty Daddy page updated because I know that’s where a lot of you follow my randomness.

Most of that time I spend in groups, communities of like minded folks chatting sports, Star Wars, and in most cases parenting and fatherhood. Supposedly safe places where dads can connect, ask for advice or simply to vent, places for support and understanding.


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