#MummyShot Week 35

23 September 2017

Dear friends,

Welcome to #MummyShot Roundup, hosted by myself and the amazing MacKenzie Granville. This week we have exciting news! We have reached over 10k #MummyShots. Thank you to everyone who has taken part or contributed to this wonderful community. We are so grateful and totally overwhelmed with your support and the lovely comments we have received. It is a real pleasure to host this hashtag! A special mention must go to the lovely @mamacatbabybee who encouraged me to get started with my idea of a faceless community. Thank you 🌸 

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Thank you very much to @booandnoosmum @clarehuggettsmith @mummylifeloves @the_dots_and_me @mamacatandbabybee all amazing shots. My theme this week is play. I love seeing kids play whether it be in nature or with their toys. These are all beautiful shots that capture the wonder of childhood. 

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#MummyShot is an IG community for faceless shots that capture emotion or tell a story. 

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