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5 October 2017

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I am very very happy to announce that the lovely Mackenzie Glanville from Reflections from me  has joined Katie and I as host of #ablogginggoodtime 🎉 Please check the new rules. 
#Ablogginggoodtime will work in exactly the same way we are just able to give your posts more twitter attention. I hope we will all give her a very warm welcome!
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The Importance of self care by Mackenzie Glanville

Some days more than others we need to listen to our inner voice. We need to listen to our bodies. Today has been that day for me.

Many years ago I went through some major trauma and over the weekend I had something occur that brought all that back to the forefront of my mind. I was shaken, things I thought were for the most part healed inside of me came flooding back, no matter how hard I tried to ignore my feelings they were very persistent. I knew when I woke up Tuesday morning after some awful nightmares that I couldn’t ignore these feelings.

I learned the hard way many years ago that not talking about things, and thinking you could burry feelings does not work as a permanent solution. For me having these specific nightmares was a red flag. So I knew I needed to talk. I rang my bestie and let it all out. Then late last night I opened up to my husband and had a good cry. Last night I didn’t have a nightmare, so I know I am on the right track to healing.


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