#MummyShot Roundup: October

27 October 2017

Dear friends,

Welcome to #MummyShot Roundup. Thank you to everyone who has taken part or contributed to this wonderful community. #MummyShot is packed full of amazing faceless photos of children at play. We are totally overwhelmed with your support and the lovely comments we have received. It is a real pleasure to host this hashtag!

For those of you new to #MummyShot, it is an IG community hosted by myself and the lovely MacKenzie Granville. This community is for any image that tells a story or captures an emotion without showing the face.

Photography is about capturing souls not smiles.   Dragan Tapshanov.

This roundup post features some of my favourite shots added to the hashtag over the last month.

Featured posts:

Thank you very much to the following featured Instagramers:


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We'd love you to come and join us at #MummyShot too!

Mackenzie and I would love you to join our community. All you need to do is to please follow @spectrummum_ and @macglanville on Instagram and use the hashtag every time you upload a faceless shot of your children to Instagram.

Here is last month's #MummyShot roundup just in case you missed it.

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