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2 November 2017

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I’ve just been into our eldest son’s room. It’s late, past midnight and he woke up to start babbling away about anything and everything. He does this every so often. It’s almost as if his brain wakes him up out of excitement. A kind of ‘I think I know how to say such and such… Wake up so we can practice!’.

I don’t mind. I really don’t. I actually love to listen to his babble and random phrases. It beats the deafening, bone chilling pitch that used to come from teething or hunger when he was teeny… not that I am past all that yet though, I have his younger brother to pick up that baton for now!

After a while of listening to tonight’s babble show, I went in to check all was ok and picked him up to grab a cuddle. I do this often with the babble nights, especially now he is two and a half, they happen much fewer and further between. I love this type of cuddle. The It’s-Past-Midnight cuddle, where the others are asleep, its just us and I can stand there holding him, with his arms about my neck and his legs wrapped around my waist whilst he lays his head on my shoulder. We don’t talk or even look at each other. We just exist in that hug. He usually curls my hair around his fingers and I breathe in his scent… Baby Bath bubbles, Lenor fabric softener and what I call ‘toddler boy smell’. My very own mummy heroin, my addiction since his birth.

I was soaking up my ‘fix’ tonight when, suddenly, IT just struck me again. BAM! Like a lightning bolt. Every time.



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