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9 November 2017

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Baby It's Cold Outside

The start of October was actually pretty mild but it’s really starting to feel cold. It doesn’t take much for me to feel the cold, I have a blanket on the sofa all year round but anyway, it really is getting cold.

It’s perfect timing to start thinking about switching up my look at little, ok, maybe a lot.

I’ve seriously gotten into the habit of sticking to my ‘mum uniform’ & it’s driving me mad. Working from home means I’m just not making an effort with my appearance anymore. I’m living in leggings, jumpers, a Mum bun & no make-up which really isn’t like me at all.

I used to love fashion & make-up, and still do, but being a busy work from home mama & wife I just don’t seem to have time for me anymore & it shows.

Without sounding cliche, I want to find me again. To find my style & a look I’m happy with. To put a bit of effort into me. For no-one else but me. So after going out for lunch with the hubby in Manchester facing Selfridges, I decided to pop in and have a little splurge at the MAC counter.


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