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30 November 2017

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Why I want my child to be a reader

My two-year-old daughter picked up Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro in the library recently and started flicking through it.

“This is a good book!” she said.

I know my toddler doesn’t actually understand Booker Prize shortlisted dystopian science fiction. Still, I felt proud in that stupid way that parents often do, because it seemed like a clever thing to do. And I desperately want her to be clever. But more importantly than that, I want her to be a reader.

I loved reading so much as a child that I went to the library each week, took out as many books as I could carry, then hid them under my bed so my friends wouldn’t know how uncool I was. Then I did an English undergraduate degree, because it meant I got to read lots of stuff for four years. Then I did a publishing master’s degree, because I dreamed of working as a book editor. Then I started working in digital marketing, because it turns out there’s a lot more demand for someone who can edit a web page than a novel. I may be a digital nerd now, but I never lost my love for books.

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