20 December 2017

Dear friend,

Yesterday he asked me; Mum where is my timetable?

It is December. This is a month full of change. It feels like almost nothing remains the same.

There is a tree in the house, there are lights and decorations. New clothes and food. People visiting. More social functions to attend. Special evenings at school.  The list is endless...

Having autism at Christmas time can be enough to make him want to hide away, to retreat into his computer world.

I am mindful of this need to retreat and we allow him to do that when he needs to...

But I also want him to be part of the celebrations.

I do not want my son to hide away. I do not want his experiences or opportunities to be limited.

I have to trust my instincts and I have to listen to my boy.

So we make a timetable and we plan our time over the holiday period. We keep surprises to an absolute minimum.

Our Christmas will be just as special but perhaps, less busy, more structured.

Yesterday he asked; Where is my timetable?

A glimpse into autism is a series of short letters that explore the impact autism has on our family on a day to day basis. Disclaimer:  this is our experience not all autistic people are the same.

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