Week in photos #11

4 December 2017

Dear Friend,

Welcome to my Photo series #PointShoot. A look back at our week in photos. I love capturing the ordinary moments and special times with my camera, looking at our life through a lens gives me a clearer focus.

This week started with parents evening for the boys. It was a new experience for us as, in group 8, the children attend with their parents. I liked how our son was able to give his opinion too. We have had a rough ride with the big lad this term but it is good to see that it isn't affecting his work and he continues to progress well. Little man is making super progress and working hard too. We were really pleased with them both.

I managed to fit in a bit of present shopping on Tuesday and nipped into Leiden to collect a few things for the boys. On Wednesday I had some me time at the hairdresser, I actually fell asleep in the chair, not once but twice. I wasn't brave enough to go for a new style but did go a tint lighter. Maybe next time.

On Saturday we went to the English shop. The boys filled up on Jelly Tots and Cadburys chocolate whilst I went for the tea bags, mince pies and Devon custard. I also managed to sneak in a couple of selection boxes for their stockings and some quality street for Oma and Opa. I am going to attempt to make a Christmas cake. My colleague has persuaded me that it is easy. 

Saturday evening was really gezellig, we had friends around and the wine flowed freely so Sunday was a lazy day, we stayed in our PJs, watched Strictly and the X Factor and played Monopoly. 

I am starting to get a little concerned at how fast time is flying and how very little I have done. Especially as Tuesday is our Sinterklaas celebration and Pakjes Avond (present evening). 

Happy Days!

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