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13 April 2018

Welcome to one moment in time, a guest posts series, where bloggers share the stories behind special or significant photographs. I am over the moon to be able to introduce this week's featured blogger the fabulous Hayley from  Mission Mindfulness blog. Her brilliantly put together, thoughtful posts always leave me feeling inspired. She is a wonderful, kind person and a really supportive blogger too. Thank you so much for joining me!

Just another badly taken photo of me and the hubby at a party pre-kids? Well yes. And no.

It was in the days before Insta and 'selfies' so there is a lack of self-consciousness about how and where we posed.

But there is also a lack of self-consciousness because we were on top of the world that day. We didn't care for others opinions that day. I won’t ever forget how I felt. 2009 had been a tough year but early in 2010 we had something to celebrate.

Not only were the hubby and I celebrating my brother-in-law’s 30th Birthday, but we were also celebrating our own personal victory that night. Keeping our news close to us. Keeping our news between us so as not to burst our own bubble of happiness.

You see if anyone had been paying attention they may have noticed that I wasn’t drinking at that particular party. And this was unlike me.

The reason I wasn’t drinking? Well I’m sure you’ve guessed already. I was pregnant.

I’d only found out that morning. I’d done a pregnancy test hours earlier and it was positive. After nearly two years of trying to conceive and over ten years of being together, we were expecting our first child.

You hear it often but it had happened to us… we had been taking a break from thinking about starting our family. Preparing ourselves to have some medical help later in the year. And then it happened. Unexpectedly. Spontaneously.

Nine months later we were blessed with our beautiful baby boy. Our eldest child who became a big brother to our miraculous twin girls.

So yes this is a badly taken photo. But it’s a badly taken photo of a couple who can finally see the future they had dreamed of, right in front of them.

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Photography @My_Dutch_Angle

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