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15 June 2018

Dear friend,

Hubby and I have been very busy painting our house and updating the interiors. It has been quite an undertaking and one that was badly needed. We all want our homes to be as comfortable as possible. But when you are working with a fairly tight budget you have to be pretty careful about what you buy for your home.

It is easy to dismiss the idea of buying items for our homes that are not absolutely essential. Often, that is the right call, but sometimes those little luxuries are worth it because they can greatly enhance the quality of your family´s life.

Ways to add a bit of luxury to your home...

A heated towel rail: Trying to dry your hands on a damp towel is never nice. My IBS means that some days I am a frequent visitor to the bathroom so my hand towels are constantly damp. A heated towel rail makes sure they do dry out completely. Plus, of course, getting out of the bath or shower and wrapping yourself in a big, soft, fluffy and warm towel feels like heaven. Fortunately, you can now buy a heated towel rail for about the same price you would need to pay for a newbathroom radiator. So, in reality, they are not actually an expensive luxury.

A coffee maker: I love my coffee and would even argue that this is an essential rather than a luxury. Being able to drink decent coffee, while at home is always nice. Surprisingly, your coffee maker can actually end up paying for itself. If you buy a coffee every morning on the way to work taking your own with you will save you a surprising amount of money. Over the course of a few years, you will have saved enough to pay for your coffee machine.

Luxurious towels: Speaking of towels, a great piece of advice from my nan was to always buy the nicest ones you can afford. Higher-quality towels will continue to look good for many years, provided you follow the care instructions.

Decent sheets: Good linen always feels nice. So buying good-quality bedding is always worth it. The only problem with this approach is that you can easily end up using the quilt cover for several years. So, it is best to choose classic designs that never really go out of fashion. Something that is relatively neutral should fit in regardless of what style of d├ęcor you choose for your bedroom.

Good mattresses for everyone: Getting a good night´s sleep is essential. The best way to ensure that you wake up in the morning well-rested and feeling refreshed is to invest in a good-quality mattress. They are not cheap. But buying a low-cost one can be false economy. You do need to know what you are doing when buying a matress. If you do not, it is all too easy to inadvertently end up paying a premium price for a mediocre mattress. This mattress buying guide should ensure that does not happen. Once your kids start sleeping in a full-sized bed, consider buying them a good quality mattress as well. It really will help them to sleep better.

What luxury item can't you live without? 

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