10 super easy halloween costumes

25 October 2018

Dear friend,

Have you suddenly realised that Halloween is around the corner and you haven't sorted out a costume yet? There is no need to panic. I have had a good look around the web and on Pinterest and have found 10 super easy costume ideas for you. So look no further. I am sure there will be an idea here that your kids will love and that won't break the bank either. 

10 Super Easy Halloween Costumes 

1. Tutu Ghost: I love this cute design. Perfect for any tutu lovers out there. Turn your little one into a tutu ghost. Super pretty and fun.

2. Frankenstein: Don't throw out those clothes they've grown out of. Instead recycle into a brilliant outfit. All you need are some scissors and a few safety pins.

3. The Mummy: A halloween classic. I think my parents turned me into one on more than one occasion. Simply put white clothes underneath and raid the medicine cabinet for those bandages.

4. The Bat: Raid the kids dressing up box. Most of us have masks in. You can simply add the ears. Take a black t-shirt and leggings and use a black sack for the wings and hey presto a bat.

5. The Witch: This one may need a bit of sewing for you handy, mums and dads. I love the pocket detail on this and the real broom is easy to make with finds from s forest trip and some strong tape. Or just grab the black clothes and a black plastic bag for a cape and make a hat like my mum used to do!

6: The Spider: A classic. I remember my brother being a spider one year. Get out the old tights and stuff them, you can sew to attach or use safety pins. The goggly eyes on the hat make this even cuter.

7. The Spider web: I would be tempted to cut up my old table cloth to make this! All you need is some black wool, fabric glue and a spider. Simply and effective!

8. The Zombie: One for the bigger kids (even my 12 year old finds this cool). Have an old school shirt handy? Then rough it up and add some fake blood and a bit of face paint or mummy's make up and you're ready to go!

9. The skeleton: black clothes and white tape. What could be easier?

10. The Monster: Crafty mums get creative with an old hoodie and those stickers sitting in the cupboard.

Happy Halloween!

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