Over Protective

7 November 2018

She told me I was
Over protective.
I listened, I heard, I tried to explain
but she did not listen...

We fought for this appointment
We waited for an eternity...
The anxiety crept into my throat
Strangling my vocal cords.

I am mum, mummy, mama.
It is my job to protect,
To worry about my son.
Isn't it?

I sought specialist help
I attended every appointment.
I challenged the ignorance of those
Who only ever saw the negative.

I cried tears of frustration
behind closed doors
when he was struggling
to do what his peers found easy.

I fought for early diagnosis.
I fought harder when the diagnosis came.
I educated myself about autism.
I became the reluctant expert in my child.

I ignored the whispered slights at the school gate.
I calmed him after unkind words from friends.
I held his hand when he wasn't invited to the parties.
I listened night after long night when he couldn't sleep.

I reassured when he didn't want to be different,
I encouraged as he picked himself up again and again.
I cheered as he made new friends
I applauded as he exceeded all expectations.

I challenged the deficit model.
I failed to accept people
telling us what he couldn't do
And made them see what he could.

I battled against the stereotypes
And confronted the false beliefs.
I taught him that he is enough,
Autistic doesn't mean less.

I am proud to be overprotective,
I have earned my stripes.
I asked for help not judgement,
We won't be back...

#PointShoot November

6 November 2018

Do you love making photos of your family? Do you like to record the everyday memories you are making? Then #PointShoot could be the linky for you. Come and share your photo story posts with me. 

You can share days out snaps or a fun, special, or touching moment from your week. It can be one photo (including Instagram posts) or a series of shots with words or without.

This Month's featured post comes from susankmann.

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A photograph is the pause button of life.

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Photo Diary October

5 November 2018

Dear Friend,

I love capturing the ordinary moments and special times with my camera, looking at our life through a lens gives me a clearer focus. Here I take a look back at some of my favourite moments from the month. 

We have packed lots into October with beach days, zoo visits, a trip to Amsterdam, Leiden, bowling and I even dashed over to the UK to see my parents.

 Now over to my photo diary... Happy days!

  • A huge highlight of October was getting to see the Pandas at Ouwehands zoo. Little man had a presentation on Pandas at school so we took him to do some hands on research.
  • Saturday afternoons in Leiden, enjoying the Indian Summer with a drink on the terrace.
  • Beach time. Anytime spent at the beach is my favourite time.
  • Sharing a beautiful sunset.
  • A fabulous, fun filled morning bowling with my boys.

  • Walking Nova at the dunes, check out that amazing sky!
  • A morning with Rembrandt, Van Gogh & Vermeer at the Rijksmuseum. 
  • Exploring the stunning grachten in Amsterdam. 
  • Photos on the I Amsterdam sign.
  • Drinking cider in an Irish Bar. 
  • Halloween fun

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My Sunday Photo

4 November 2018

The energy we put out is the energy we get back!

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