Counting Rainbows

14 January 2019

Dear friend,

I haven’t really had time to reflect on our year and if truth be told I haven't wanted to either. 2018 is not a year that I will look back on with fondness. I've lost count of the times I’ve heard one of my family members say, I can’t wait to see the back of this year.

I could write a whole book about the difficulties we have faced but it doesn’t feel right. Some stories aren’t mine to tell. Losing my fabulous father in law very quickly this year rocked our family to the core. We all struggled to face the grief and it affected each of us immensely. We were reminded again of the fragility of life with health scares and a cancer diagnosis for close family members. The year ended with a broken arm, the accidental death of a relative and a lost suitcase.

I ruined the beginning of our Christmas trip to the UK by having a complete meltdown over said lost suitcase. Of course it wasn’t the suitcase (full of presents) that I was upset about. It was everthing else. My emotional bucket was full and the delluge of water that escaped from it was of tsunami like proportions.

Then I read a meme on social media,

Count the rainbows,  Not the thunderstorms

And it really struck a chord.

I am still not 100% sure where I want to go with the blog this year but I am grateful that through blogging I have captured many of my family's happy memories. I can look back with open eyes and appreciate all of our rainbows.

Here are some of my favourite moments...

I have learned some important lessons this year too.

  • I am much stronger than I ever thought. 
  • Ask for help! 
  • Be kind but take no shit. 
  • It is easier when you face things together. 
  • Don’t wait. Reach for your goals now.
  • Talk. Find a good listener and let it out!

Yes 2018 was challenging but we made it through together.

I never make New Year resolutions but I do intend to spread positivity this year and to keep counting those rainbows. 2019 I am ready for you!

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Anne Stone Sweet said...

I'm sorry you had such a bad year, you do have some lovely rainbows though x

Enda Sheppard said...

A rough year ... but just to say I love your blog, and I wish you all the best for 2019. #DreamTeam

Spectrum Mum said...

Thanks Anne. xx

Spectrum Mum said...

That means a lot Enda. Thank you.

Mindful Mummy Mission said...

I knew 2018 had been a very challenging one for you Catie but didn't know just how bad it had been. I'm so sorry it also ended so badly too. I love the quote about looking for the rainbows and will keep it in mind for 2019 too. Much love xx

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