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Dear friend,

We all need support at times.
I am not an expert. I speak with experts.
I am that nuisance parent who always asks the awkward questions and who pushes for help when we need it. But I will never apologise for wanting the best for my son.
Here is a list of useful sites. It is by no means exhaustive and if you have found something amazing please contact me and I will add it in.

The National Autistic Society.
Autism Women's network.
Dad's for special kids.
Organisation for autism research.
Autism now.
Autistic society.
My Autism Team
National Autistic society UK
Autism independent UK
Research autism
Good autism services
Autism help.
Help guide - Autism.
Tips for parenting a child with autism.
Resources for autism
Help autism now.
Leaflets about autism.
Autism alliance
Autism awareness
Autism Parenting Magazine
Incluzy: The Exclusive Inclusive Employment Hub
ASD and sleep

Autism blogs directory

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