Do you love making photos of your family? Do you like to record the everyday memories you are making? Then this could be the linky for you. I would love you to come and share your photo story posts or monthly roundups with me.

A photograph is the pause button of life.

Photographs have become a large part of my blog and I love making photo stories from my days out, our adventures, trips to the beach or forest, special days etc and I know that many other bloggers do too!

Link up your pictures!

Why don't you join me? #PointShoot is a monthly linkup and is open on the first Monday evening of each month. It runs for 2 weeks (so there is plenty of time to link up.)

You can share your days out snaps or any fun, special, touching moments. It can be one photo (including Instagram posts) or a series of shots with words or without. Many bloggers write monthly or weekly roundup posts and this is an ideal place to share them!


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Photography @My_Dutch_Angle

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