What is different?

17 October 2014

Dear friend,

What is different? I regularly hear that children on the autistic spectrum see the world differently from everyone else. I have always accepted this definition but now it comes to introducing the term 'autistic' to the big lad I am feeling less confident and comfortable. What kind of message is this giving to my son?

Different: not the same as another, unlike in nature form or quality: novel and unusual. 

The psychologist recommended that we begin by reading some children's books. I ordered everything I could lay my hands on from the local library but the theme continued. In most books the autistic child was represented as odd, an outsider and in one book they asked what is wrong with …

This is the polar opposite of how I want my angst ridden boy to see himself. To me he is simply a beautiful, funny, sensitive, loving, intelligent and sometimes cheeky boy. Autism is such a wide spectrum that it is impossible to find literature that fits my unique child. Instead we will read and discuss what autism means for him.

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