Photo story: 25 reasons why it's super to be six!

8 April 2015 2231 Rijnsburg, Netherlands

Dear friend,

Time flies when you're having fun. 

I can't believe how quickly my boys are growing up.

I catch myself looking at my youngest son a lot at the moment and thinking how great it is to be six. He is teaching me so much as he seems to find fun and wonder in everything. 

Here are my 25 reasons why it's super to be six.

1. Your thumb tastes delicious.

2. Wearing dress up costumes is still ok.

3. You can cuddle up tight on someone's knee. 

4. Being carried to/from the car and up the stairs to bed.

5. You can sleep anywhere.


6. You love spinning around and feeling dizzy is fun.

7. You turn invisible hiding behind the curtains.

8. Father Christmas, the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy

9. Paddling in the sea then coming home in just your pants
     and daddy's enormous t-shirt.

10. Running, skipping and jumping everywhere.

11. Catching water drops on your tongue. 

12. Playing all afternoon in the tent. 

13. Picking things up with your toes.

14. Kisses make everything feel better.

15. Mummy knows everything.

16. A bed is an Olympic trampoline.

17. You're cute so can still get away with things.
          (Like wetting all your trousers in the sea!)

18. Tickles are the funniest things ever!

19. Bedtime stories with cuddles and sloppy kisses.

20. A cardboard box can be a space rocket, a train, an elephant...

21. You can hide anywhere!

22. Swimming in the bath. 

23. Climbing into bed with too many cuddly toys to count. 

24. You are still small enought to sit in the dogs basket. 

25. Your brother is your best friend! 

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