Photo story: May Holiday

19 May 2015

Dear friend,

The second week of our May holiday has been filled with peace, quiet, fun and surprises. The positive side of being incapacitated (my arm is taking forever to heal) is that I have spent quality time with my boys. The weather has been mostly good and we have all sat and eaten together in the garden and enjoyed the beautiful Spring flowers and sunshine.

In Katwijk at the Krijn Verdoes they sell the best icecream ever. It is dangerously good, with so many delicious flavours like, marzipan, cookie, strawberry cheesecake, caramel waffle. It is impossible to resist. We have been there twice this week. I'm never going to lose weight for my holidays!

Our small but sunny haven.
We have played board games.
The strawberry shoelaces eating race was lots of fun.
Hubby had a day free this week and we spent some of it turning the spare bedroom into a playroom for the boys. I wanted the wii removing from big lad's room in order to create a clear distinction between where he plays and where he sleeps. I hoped that this would give him more peace and help him get to sleep better on an evening. 

I adapted an old mobile by removing the babyish aeroplanes and replacing them with Mario brothers toys (they are actually from keyrings which made them easy to hang). The Skylanders and Amibo figures were placed on picture rail holders that we bought really cheaply from a thrift store. The Ikea storage units with boxes make great toy storage and can be labeled for those of us who like organisation. We have all played on the wii together this week.
I am really pleased with the outcome!
On Thursday we had a fantastic surprise. We were all invited to dinner with the family. Uncle Rob was celebrating 25 years with the same company, quite a feat in these times. We went to Zee and Zon (Sea and sun) a beach cafe in Katwijk. It has a great atmosphere and the fish was gorgeous. Hubby enjoyed his mixed grill too, there were enormous portions! The boys were able to play on the beach between courses and afterwards we all enjoyed the dazzling sunset. What a privilege to live in such a beautiful place!
A spot of playtime before dinner.
A beautiful sunset.

The little man was desperate to go to his favourite playground. He loves Vogelwijk in Oegstgeest. It is set in really pretty surroundings and there is space to run around and lots of adventurous things for thrill seeking kids to do. The bamboo grass maze is our treasured place and we spend most of our time playing Monster mummy here. Special times to cherish. Who knows maybe next year the big lad will be too cool for monster mummy? I brought both of the boys to an international toddler group here. I have so many happy memories of chasing after them and it is amazing to see how much progress my big boy has made. I can't believe that the boy who was afraid to take his feet off the floor can now climb, jump, spin and run his way around this place with ease. He never ceases to amaze me and this week he made it to the top of the climbing frame for the first time. Proud mummy!

Hide and seek.
On top of the world.

Hubby had a super idea to make up, in some way, for the kids boring vacation, he took us all to a Safari park. Great fun and not too taxing for mummy! 

We went to Safari Park Beekse Bergen.
There are plenty of great play areas for the kids.
You can take a safari route in your car and a walking route or you can have a ranger tour in a safari bus or on the boat.
The little man loves tigers and brought one along too.
The big lad took good care of mummy.
Seeing the animals wandering free in large spaces is special and if you are lucky you can get really close.
On the bus safari you get to handle some artefacts. The boys loved it!
My highlight was the giraffe licking the bus right above my window.

It was great to get out and do something fun. 

Despite still having pain in and limited use of my arm we managed to make the most of our time together and even had a day out thanks to my clever hubby so not such a bad holiday after all.

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