Photo story: Weekend way of life #3

8 June 2015

Dear friend, 

The summer finally arrived this weekend. I love the summer. I always say that I fell in love with my hubby and then he made me fall in love with Holland. He was clever as he brought me over here for the first time in the summer and sold me on the beach cafe lifestyle, not in rainy, cold October when I may not have been as impressed. 

We are really lucky to live within cycling distance of the beach. Saturday was a busy day spent getting haircuts, swimming and shopping but Sunday was a fantastic, fun filled day for the whole family spent at one of our favourite places, the beach. 

On Saturday morning the big lad had to swim for his Dolphin diploma at his swimming group.

The little man and I went to cheer him on.

My beautiful boys, sometimes so different and sometimes so alike.

The big lad is brilliant at swimming under water. He has never had any fear.
The special needs group is fantastic as it gives children with learning difficulties the chance to feel success. The amazingly patient and supportive teachers have broken down the steps towards achieving the 1st diploma into smaller more manageable stages for children with additional needs and provide certificates and trophies to accompany each stage. The children continue to be motivated. 
All these people are volunteers. I am very proud that my hubby has become one of them. The little man also gets to join in sometimes and they host regular family days where everyone gets to swim. Amazing people!
Look how proud he is with his trophy. 

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day at the beach in Noordwijk. 
We come here in place of Katwijk sometimes as it is a dog beach so the whole family get to enjoy the weather.

We played beach volleyball then spent time burying each other in the sand. Although the little man had trouble staying still for long enough.

The boys had fun messing around in the sand and water.  That water was cold!

I am so thankful that we are able to live in such a beautiful place and enjoy it together. 

Both boys have gone to bed tired and with happy smiles on their faces tonight. 
I hope you have too.

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