Photo story: Weekend way of life #4

15 June 2015

Dear friend,

We have had another really quiet weekend. Unfortunately I picked up a cold last week and have ended up with a chest infection. Still the peaceful weekend has been good for us all. This week was a particularly busy one with school trips and the horse market. The end of the school year is approaching quickly and we are all feeling the pressure a bit. 

Friday was great weather for a BBQ and hubby really spoilt us with his home made burgers. Much tastier than shop bought. 
The boys were exhausted from a lively game of water wars with their friends (their choice of name as it was much bigger than a water fight.)

After swimming on Saturday we shopped until we dropped. Food, holiday clothes and a new controller for the boys. I even bought myself a present, the new camera that I've been hankering after for ages. I hope the quality of my photos will improve!

The ordinary moments are sometimes the best. The little man really enjoyed his broodje hagelslag. 

Hubby and I tucked into some fabulous Sushi. 

Sunday morning I stayed in my sick bed whilst hubby took the boys swimming. We had planned to go to Amsterdam for the day but I couldn't drag myself out of bed. But on Sunday afternoon I managed to take a few shots of our little family with my new camera. 

Nova was waiting at the back door for hubby to come back.

Hubby and his boys enjoyed watching Night at the Museum 3. 

The little man decided to cheer up mummy by dressing up and pretending to be Nova. 

Hubby brought me some beautiful flowers this week. I couldn't resist a shot of these gorgeous Cala lilies, the colour is amazing and they are a wonderful reminder of my wedding bouquet. 

I apologised to the boys during tea for being so sickly lately and spoiling they weekend again. Big lad's response was priceless; Actually, I like it when you're sick, well not like you being sick, I said that wrong but I really like taking care of you! Who says autistic kids lack empathy? Not me! What more can you ask for? 

Hope your weekend was healthier but just as happy as mine!

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