Photo story: Weekend way of life #5

29 June 2015

Dear friend,

We have had a jam packed weekend. Full of fun family activities. Our weekend began on Friday afternoon when we surprised the big lad. We ordered new bikes for the boys a couple of weeks ago and there was a slight mix up. It meant that the little man had got his earlier in the week and poor the big lad had to wait. He was really disappointed but coped amazingly well. The owner of the shop managed to get a replacement bike for my big lad but we didn't tell him and just went along. His smile was priceless.

The big lad couldn't believe it when he saw his bike.

The little man has a proper big boys bike now. 

We went for dinner at the snack bar to celebrate.

The boys played whilst waiting for their food to be ready.
They also met some school friends. It was a beautiful evening.

Saturday afternoon was the summer party at my school. The boys love it!
The little man couldn't wait to have his face painted, it was all he talked about all morning.
But the big lad is a bit grown up for all that now and went for a spiderman tattoo instead. 
The boys played tag in the newly developed playground.
There are lots of little nooks and crannies to explore.

On Sunday morning we went on our first family ride on the new bikes.
It was the first time that the little man has ridden on the road. He was fantastic!

We went to a quiet place so the boys could practice.
Big lad's bike is huge but I forget how tall he is now, with size 4 feet.
What will he be like at 14?

On Sunday afternoon we went to the Hague for the premier of the minions movie.
We shared minion donuts and drinks beforehand.

The cinema had organised minion crafts.
The little man made a balloon and cupcakes and had a glitter tattoo.

My minions.

Ready for the film.

The film was great. I've never seen the little man so quiet. But I must admit to dozing slightly in parts of it. I found Despicable me 1 and 2 better. But the boys were happy. The big lad said it was his best part of the weekend.

I hope your weekend was a special one too.

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