Being a blogger is...

16 July 2015

Dear Friend,

I've been tagged by the lovely Lisa @mrssavageangel who writes a truly inspirational blog about her wonderful family. She has been a great support to me on this new journey so thank you Lisa for everything. Here I am taking part in a post called

Being a blogger is...

I never every dreamed that I would be doing this! As a new blogger (9 months) I feel like I am still earning my blogging credentials and learning my craft so I found this very difficult to begin writing. I guess I didn't feel qualified yet! Thanks Lisa for believing in me!

Being a blogger is hard to explain...

I find it difficult to discuss my blogging with people. I don't think that everyone gets why we choose to do this and it can be difficult to explain. I haven't told my parents, would they get it?

Writing this is making me address my feelings so thanks Lisa!

But what does blogging really mean to me?

Blogging is like breathing out. For so long I feel like I have been holding my breathe, bottling up thoughts, feelings and ideas. Now through my blogging I am breathing out.

Blogging is like having another baby. I started this blog with a few short pieces I had written and I have watched it grow over the last few months. I am proud of what I have achieved so far but I am not talking about the statistics. Those matter of course as there is no point in writing if no-one reads but I am talking about the wonderful comments from people. People who have laughed, cried or perhaps learned something and felt compelled to tell me.

Blogging is addictive. I am neglecting my housework (pity) making my family pose for pictures too much and generally living and breathing blogging. Everything is a potential blog post. OMG what has happened to me? But I love it.

Blogging is inspiring. One of the best things for me has been discovering a world that I never knew existed. A community of people who are willing to share their personal experiences, advice and expertise to help and support others. What a great community.

Blogging is social. Being an expat can be a really lonely experience. I have left behind my best friends and relocated to a place where language is a barrier and culture can be confusing. I have found a way to connect with like minded people. I am making new friends.

Blogging is educational. I am a massive advocate of lifelong learning and beginning blogging has been a massive learning curve for me. But not just the technical aspects. I am developing my writing. I am learning about myself. And seriously some of these blogs are a mine of information with great tips for parenting, cooking, crafts, style etc

Being a blogger is highly personal. At first I wrote publicly, promoting myself on Facebook amongst friends and family. But I found this hard. My blog has developed and I write more personal stuff. I was concerned about the cyber footprint I was leaving for my boys so decided to become more private.

Blogging is therapy. It is my way of figuring out life's little difficulties and challenges. But it has grown from that original purpose and has become my own, small way, of raising acceptance of difference. The thing is, the more I write, the more I realise, it is my son who is teaching me.

Blogging is cathartic. On here I can say whatever I think and not feel judged. I can get everything out in the open and not worry about hurting people's feelings. I can be imperfect!

I would like to nominate the following amazing bloggers to take part but everyone is welcome:
+Morgan Prince 
Please let me know via twitter if you join the tag and I will comment. 

Love/Hate Blogger Challenge

8 July 2015

Dear friends,

I was really happy to be nominated by the lovely Cuddle Fairy for the Love/Hate Blogger challenge. I am thrilled to be invited to take part in such a fun post. Here goes!

10 things I love:

1. The smell of my boys' freshly washed hair.
2. Opening a new handbag up and filling it with my things.
3. Looking at old family photographs.

Nana at the beach with my mum and uncle David.

4. The company of my best friends, chatting over nibbles and a large bottle of vino.
5. A great book, one that engages your emotions and you can't stop thinking about for days or weeks.
6. Singing out loud to Adele in the car.
7. Stroopwafel icecream.
8. Family days out.
9. My dog.
10. Sunset at the beach.

10 things I hate:

1. Being judged instead of supported.
2. Finding an empty toilet roll tube.
3. Feeling powerless: against injustice , prejudice, lack of acceptance of difference.
4. Not feeling valued.
5. Confrontation/Losing my temper.
6. Vomit; my own (it makes me cry) my kids, anyone's.
7. Negative thinking. 
8. Lies. I am always honest (sometimes too honest).
9. Spiders, just no!!! 
10. Anyone or anything that hurts the people I love!

I didn't find one group easier than the other so hopefully that makes me quite a balanced person?! 
I found it interesting that my hates are mostly feelings rather than things.
I would like to nominate @SuperBusyMum@MrsMumsie and @East_Devon_Mum.

The eight photos of happiness tag

6 July 2015

Dear friend,

I was really happy to be tagged in this great post by the lovely Lisa from the love of a captain. Thanks Lisa. What a brilliant idea. Knowing my love for photos I think it's going to be quite a challenge to narrow it down to only eight but here goes...

1. My beautiful nana.
My nana is the pretty lady on the left. I love this picture of her with her friends. Her smile radiates happiness. She was a very special lady, always the life of the party. My grandad is watching from the sidelines!

2.  A family snap from the 70's
I love this snap as it is natural and not staged. I used it in my first Flashback Friday post. I can't believe how curly my hair was as a baby. Wish it was like that now!

3. My big brother.
My hero. When I started school I kept crawling under all the lunch tables to escape the naggy dinner lady and sit next to him. She had to give up in the end!

4. Our wedding day.
One of the happiest days of my life.

5. My boys.
The day they met and their first ever kiss.

6. Nova.
The best thing we ever bought. Nova is a massive part of our family and has brought so much love and happiness. The big lad's best friend (every autistic child should have a dog) he loves her enormously. 

7. Friends.
I love these girls. We may be spread across the world but we will always be there for each other. 

8. Brothers.
The two things that bring me the most happiness are my boys.
I also love the spring in Holland and the beauty of the bulb fields in bloom is outstanding.
Combined it is unbeatable.

I tag Lisa (@mrssavageangel) Crummy mummy (@mrsnataliebrown) and Lolly (@Nortonmum).

The rules are that if you join in, you mention who tagged you and then tag to invite other bloggers to join in. All for the love of blogging. I look forward to seeing your Eight photos of happiness.

Facing his Nightmares.

2 July 2015

Dear friend,

I woke early this morning. At first I wasn't sure what had made me stir from a deep sleep but then I heard him crying. My two boys are not babies anymore so I have become unused to the early morning call that was once my daily ritual. It took me a minute to work out which one it was then I heard him coming downstairs.

It was a sob, a deep, heart wrenching kind of cry directly from the soul. I knew it wasn't a sick cry, they are more panicked. Isn't is amazing how we can learn these infinitesimal details about our children? It is a kind of base instinct that only parents have.

The big lad climbed into bed and cuddled into me. This confirmed the seriousness of the situation because he very rarely cuddles like this. This was the kind of hug where it feels like you want to climb right into the other person's body to take on their peace and warmth. We stayed like that for some time, until his breathing had calmed. Me whispering; it's ok you're safe, into his hair. 

Selfishly I enjoyed this moment. Not that he was upset but the closeness of us, the physical contact the sharing of our breathing. This happens so rarely now. He's almost 9, a big boy, my grown up young man. Autism means that he seeks my physical contact less, I have learned to wait for him to come to me not to force my love onto him. I treasure these special moments!

Photography @My_Dutch_Angle

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