Now you are 9.

30 July 2015

My darling,

Today you turn nine. Nine years old. Yet to me you are still my baby. It only seems like yesterday that we were scared to sleep because we knew the next day you were coming.

Your start was a little bumpy to say the least. The threat of preeclampsia loomed over us like a dark cloud and I worried that you would be ok. Then our worse fears were realised when we almost lost you. We will never know what made you so ill but thank goodness for the brilliant Drs and nurses who pulled you through and kept us going too. 

You are our pride and joy, filling our lives with love and happiness. I am immensely proud of the loving, caring young man that you are growing up to be. You inspire me as you have this amazing tenacity. I know you will be whatever you set your mind to be! 

9 favourite photos for your 9th birthday.

Father's day 2007.

You were never without a book, even reading in the garden.

You loved your little brother from the beginning.

Age 3 and Formula 1 was your passion.

Summer in the UK with Grandad. (Age 5) You are becoming more adventurous.

You love Efteling and we have a special holiday there. (Age 6.)

You and the little man are best friends. You love BBQs in the garden. (Age 7)

Holiday at Centre Parcs (Age 8).

Age 9, my grown up boy.

Whilst I thought I was teaching you, you have been teaching me. 
Thank you for showing me the kind of person I want to be!
I love you with all my heart!

Your Imperfect Mum

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