Photo story: Weekend way of life #6

6 July 2015

Dear Friend,

No matter where in the world you live everyone is obsessed with the weather! You would think that coming from the North East of England I would be used to the cold and rain but I love the sun. Every week hubby has been reading weather reports telling us that record breaking, hot weather was coming. In the end I stopped believing him but this week it finally arrived. We threw our things in a bag and all headed to the beach on Friday afternoon and Saturday but on Sunday the big lad wanted a bit of a rest (much to our relief as we had slightly overindulged on Saturday night at a BBQ with our lovely neighbours) so we stayed at home and chilled.

Messing about in the sand.

I couldn't believe it when he put the bucket on his head. There are similar photos of me!

My water boys. The UV t-shirts are a must have for our holidays especially for the big lad who is so fair skinned.
We had a relaxing lunch on the terrace at Take2
Sunday morning bike ride.
Lovely to spot some nature on our stop off.
We passed the Corpus museum on the way back a very impressive building.

All that fun no wonder they needed a nap!

Another great weekend. I hope that yours was special too!

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