The eight photos of happiness tag

6 July 2015

Dear friend,

I was really happy to be tagged in this great post by the lovely Lisa from the love of a captain. Thanks Lisa. What a brilliant idea. Knowing my love for photos I think it's going to be quite a challenge to narrow it down to only eight but here goes...

1. My beautiful nana.
My nana is the pretty lady on the left. I love this picture of her with her friends. Her smile radiates happiness. She was a very special lady, always the life of the party. My grandad is watching from the sidelines!

2.  A family snap from the 70's
I love this snap as it is natural and not staged. I used it in my first Flashback Friday post. I can't believe how curly my hair was as a baby. Wish it was like that now!

3. My big brother.
My hero. When I started school I kept crawling under all the lunch tables to escape the naggy dinner lady and sit next to him. She had to give up in the end!

4. Our wedding day.
One of the happiest days of my life.

5. My boys.
The day they met and their first ever kiss.

6. Nova.
The best thing we ever bought. Nova is a massive part of our family and has brought so much love and happiness. The big lad's best friend (every autistic child should have a dog) he loves her enormously. 

7. Friends.
I love these girls. We may be spread across the world but we will always be there for each other. 

8. Brothers.
The two things that bring me the most happiness are my boys.
I also love the spring in Holland and the beauty of the bulb fields in bloom is outstanding.
Combined it is unbeatable.

I tag Lisa (@mrssavageangel) Crummy mummy (@mrsnataliebrown) and Lolly (@Nortonmum).

The rules are that if you join in, you mention who tagged you and then tag to invite other bloggers to join in. All for the love of blogging. I look forward to seeing your Eight photos of happiness.

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Photography @My_Dutch_Angle

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