Photo story: Feest week

10 August 2015

Dear friend,

The party arrived in Rijnsburg this week (Feestweek).  The flags were out and everyone was in a celebratory mood. The Dutch certainly know how to party and the local council had organised many fun activities to get involved with; both traditional (Ring Steken and Tonnetje Steken)  and new (Bierpulschuiven). There was something for everyone.

There have been many highlights for us this week and I wanted to share some with you. The boys particularly enjoyed the fair and the bouncy castle party. The weather has been fantastic so everyone has been able to make the most of the festivities.

Our week began with water fun in the garden. 

On Wednesday the boys took part in the Vlietloop; a 3 lap race around the canal. 
Thursday saw the Kindercorso (Children's flower parade).
A lot of work goes into the fantastic flower designs on the bikes and skelters, even pushchairs are decorated.
The boys didn't want to take part this year but as the parade passes our house we sat and watched. 

The fair is always fun (but expensive) and the boys enjoyed the games.
The big lad won a sword and a Mario bros toy much to his excitement.

The little man loves the hook a duck and enjoyed riding in the cars.

On Friday morning there was a bouncy castle party on the school yard.
It was a good opportunity to catch up with their friends.

On Saturday morning we went to the Old Timer Show.
The boys fell in love with this Red Corvet, whilst my favourites were the little fiats and the VW vans.

The Flower Parade

This year's Flower Parade theme was the sound of flowers.

Waiting for the Flower Parade to begin with Opa & Oma.

The parade began with the Old Timers.

You don't bring me flowers.


I never promised you a rose garden


Weisse Rosen aus Athen

Orange Blossom

Tulips from Amsterdam

Ou Vont les fleurs

We ended the day with an impromptu BBQ with friends and neighbours.
It was a gezellig evening and a great end to the week. 

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