Photo story: How long until school starts?

17 August 2015

Dear friend,

Wow this week has been long or have we just been spoiled as we had such a fun filled first four weeks of the holidays. Either way I think we are all starting to feel the weight of school and the impending end of the holidays upon us. 

The little man and I are in mourning already for our lie ins and late morning cuddles. He is worried because this year he will learn to read and keeps saying; but I can't. I am wondering what the new school year will hold for me and already worrying about whether we will get the start right for the big lad this year. The big lad is missing the structure and predictability of school and seeing his friends. He can't wait to begin. But I think he is also a little nervous. All this tension had lead to a strange week with everyone getting in a grump at some point. 

Have I tried too hard to make this last full week together fun and somehow caused the problems? Maybe we are all just ready for a rest from each other. How long until school starts? Harsh to say because I really do love my kids and I know that when I am in work next week my heart will be pining for them. 

We had a bike ride to our favourite park. It is the first time the little man cycled there on his own bike. He did brilliantly!

We took a picnic and played for a while but both boys had a grump on so we came home early.

I know they don't look grumpy and they say the camera never lies.

I snapped this selfie while we were waiting for an ice-cream in Katwijk.
The big lad couldn't resist hiding away in the curves of the parking garage again.

The boys talked me into a trip to MDs and I spent the rest of the day feeling guilty for feeding them crap!

We had our own Great Dutch Bakeoff. The little man made muffins.

The big lad made scones. And mama made a quiche

The weather on Friday was fantastic so we spent a perfect afternoon at the beach. 

On saturday we had a kid free day and went to Amsterdam with some friends. We visited the Rijksmuseum, had a canal cruise and explored the Jordaan area (well the pubs). It was fab. (There will be a post to follow when I've sorted out the photos, I took hundreds.) Amsterdam is so beautiful! The boys had a fun day with Oma and Opa at the Kids zoo, an indoor playground so I didn't feel too guilty.

Sunday was a day for relaxing and doing absolutely nothing!

I hope you all had a happy and healthy weekend!

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