Weekly roundup #1

31 August 2015

Dear friend,

It's roundup time, a post where I share with you some of the highlights of our week.

This week I went back to work and after 4 years in one school I needed a change so on Monday I started at a new building. I am lucky that the organisation I work for has 3 international schools so you can move every couple of years and stay fresh. 

It felt strange being the new girl and I was rather nervous on my first day so I could identify with the new kids who arrived wide eyed and full of expectation. I already knew most of my colleagues which made it easier and it was a great start to the year!

Being back at work and the kids at school has been rather a rude awakening after such a fab holiday but we have all got into our stride really quickly. I am so relieved that the big lad has had a settled beginning. All the preparation has paid off! His new teacher is calm and he really likes that. Mum do you know that the "meester" already knows about my autism and how to talk to me, he told me after the first day. What a difference from last year. The little man is learning to read and every day he comes home and tells us the word he learned today, he was especially happy to tell us he'd learned toilet! I am so glad he is more engaged in learning.

Weekly roundup photos: Back to school, BBQ and room swap.

On Wednesday hubby made us a beautiful meal to celebrate our anniversary. We started with lobster soup, followed by crap Diabla and finally lobster. Such a yummy treat!

Thursday was a busy day as I did the house work and also got busy swapping over the kids bedrooms. 

On Friday we went to my brother in laws wedding. It was a special ceremony as he married at his beautiful home in an American style celebration. A "different" wedding in many ways especially as Henk and Jan have been together for 25 years. What better way to celebrate? The boys looked so handsome in their little suits from Next. We had an amazing time, it was a pleasure to spend this special day with them and they had amazing weather too!

All dressed up and ready to go!

Arriving at the wedding, what a beautiful sight.

The boys enjoying the sunshine in the huge grounds.

A special ceremony.

Time to celebrate

A great atmosphere

The boys.

Party time.

Saturday evening we had a BBQ at home with some friends to celebrate our anniversary (again). 10 years marriage has passed in the blink of an eye. We had a really "gezellig" evening with super food and great company!

On Sunday morning we slept until late. Well the boys played, hubby slept and I caught up on blogmin.

I hope your week was special too!


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