Weekly Roundup #5

28 September 2015

Dear Friend,

This week has been busier than usual because as well as my normal 3 days at work I had a study day. Trying to fit in cleaning, washing, ironing, shopping, swimming lessons, football training and family time was challenging but we did it. I hope you enjoy our weekly roundup!

Little man sharing his workbook, he is so proud that he can read.
The boys were very excited because Skylanders Superchargers finally came out this week.
I loved this snap of my little man helping with the shopping.
A spot of shopping after football training. Little man's team won for the first time this week.

The rather lovely You baby me mummy writes a fantastic gratitude list each week which has inspired  me to reflect on my favourite moments. My favourite moments this week were:
  • Getting a new iPad mini. I was very lucky to be sponsored by my work. It is definitely going to make my working life easier (and keeping up with my blogging too).
  • Arriving home from work to two excited boys asking me to play. 
  • A lovely message from a friend telling me how much she liked my latest post and that she was going to share it.
  • Hubby surprising me with Ben and Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake ice-cream, yum!
  • Little man proudly showing the big lad his school work.
  • Being included in the Brit Mum's SEND roundup!
  • Sunday morning walks in the forest.
A beautiful autumn morning in Panbos

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