Family Fun: Halloween Pumpkin decorating

27 October 2015

Dear friend,

As hubby works in the flower business we always get great pumpkins but this year he surpassed himself. I decided to be a little bit more adventurous with our pumpkins. I usually do the standard carving which is great and always pleased the kids but I let myself be seduced by the amazing things on Pinterest. I asked the boys to take a look and choose a design they wanted to try. The little man picked, Minions, naturally and the big lad went for a mummy. Take a look at what we made.

Minion pumpkin

First we covered the pumpkin with yellow acrylic paint. (Beware it needed 3 coats and took almost a full day to dry).
Next we painted the stalk black.
We printed an eye out on the computer (or you can use 3 circles in grey white and black). We stuck these on when the paint was still slightly wet and then we didn't need glue (you need to do this carefully).
I painted on the black goggle stripe and mouth using some of the left over white paper for teeth. (Again we stuck these on the wet paint.)
I sat the pumpkin on a tin to paint the bottom half blue. I painted a curved line on the side for his dungaree straps and painted a black G on the front. 
Finally we made the hair. I used a thin sharp screwdriver and hammer to hit in holes around 3cm deep and stuck in some black pipe cleaners, bending them slightly.
Some people recommended covering the painted pumpkin with a glue but I didn't.

Mummy pumpkin

We printed eyes and a mouth on the computer and cut them out.
Next we stuck them onto the pumpkin using double sided sticky tape.
Then we simply wrapped a bandage around using white tape to secure it in place.
Really simple but really effective.

We stood them on our living room window with the Pumpkin caterpillars we made earlier and they look fantastic, a real Halloween atmosphere. I hope they last until next week? 
What did you do this year?

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