Weekly Roundup #6.

5 October 2015

Dear friend,

It is Monday so that must mean Weekly Roundup, a post where I like to share the ordinary moments that have made up our family time during the week. As a busy, working family, time is tight and this post allows me to focus on the little things that we do together that make our family times special. I hope you enjoy this weeks post.

Our week at a glance

My favourite moments this week were:

  • Little man excitedly making his list for Sinterklaas with Papa.
  • Family games sessions.
  • Little man asking for cuddles in bed then wanting me to sleep with him, so sweet.
  • One of my pupils had a real light bulb moment in maths this week, I love to see that!
  • I adore how my dog goes totally mental whenever I come home.
  • Going to the 3 October festival in Leiden.
  • Big lad holding a snake.
  • Getting our new Goldfish Splashy.

All the fun of the fair. We had a great morning in Leiden playing all the fair ground games. Both boys won prizes, little man  on 'Hook the duck', and Big lad throwing balls at a pyramid of cans. I loved the display of miniature fair ground attractions. 

Reptile day at the local garden centre. I can't believe my big lad was brave enough to hold the snake, proud mummy moment!

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