Weekly Roundup #8

19 October 2015

Dear friend,

Welcome to my Weekly Roundup, a post where I like to share the ordinary moments that have made up our family time during the week. As a busy, working mum family, time is tight and this post allows me to focus on the little things that we do together that make our lives special.

This week we have succumbed to the bugs again. The big lad and I have both had throat infections then to add insult to injury I got an infected wisdom tooth (which needs removing) ouch! It's times like this (when you just want to curl up and die) that family time becomes even more important! I hope you enjoy this weeks post.

Our week at a glance

My favourite moments this week were:
  • Cosy evenings: candles, dressing gowns, hot tea, chocolate and animated films, snuggled up, just being together 
  • The big lad coming second in a reading competition at school 
  • An afternoon with the little man's class (mum's included) at an indoor playground 
  • Breakfast in bed with my boys 
  • Hubby buying us Sushi for lunch 
  • Watching the little man waving the team out on Saturday 
  • The Sunday morning beach walk 
  • Relaxing on Sunday evening; knowing there was no school/work on Monday.

The little man's team leading out Rijnsburgse Boys on Saturday.

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