Family fun: Chocolate chip cookies

9 November 2015

Dear friend,

My nick name is kitchen princess as my cooking skills are not great but I still love to bake with my kids. I often use the easy method; a mix in a box, especially when we are short of time like this week when I had yet another hospital visit.

In Holland you can get some great baking boxes. Here we used a mix by Home Made. The instructions were super easy to follow and it only required water. Great if you're short of time or skill like me. I promised the little man I'd make it up to him next week!

Making Chocolate Chip Cookies

My little chef. I love his outfit. He won it during a game of bingo at Centre Parks last year.

Lots of concentration is needed for mixing the cookies.

Look at that happy face, worth a million euros.

Brilliant fine motor skills practice; rolling balls and squashing them flat.

A proud young man. Now for the oven. We practiced our letters by writing them into the cookies with a cocktail stick.

The finished cookies were really moist and chewy, delicious!
Even though I was really busy I was determined we wouldn't miss out on our special time and we didn't! 

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