Family fun: Making toilet roll animals

2 November 2015

Dear friend,

It was half term last week and for us that means extra long cuddles in bed and late breakfasts. The little man couldn't wait to get started on making these toilet roll animals from Trash 2 Treasure so here he is still in his tiger onesie (so cute). 

Making cardboard roll animals

I like using craft packs as I am not super creative and we don't have lots of craft materials hanging around our house but I do want to make things with my kids so they enable me to do that. 

The trash 2 treasure pack cost 3 euros. Excellent value considering the good quality materials supplied.

You get 3 separate packs to make 3 animals: a cow, an elephant and a giraffe. 

He was able to do most of this independently.

We used double sided sticky tape for the eyes rather than glue and they stuck much better.

Almost done, now just to stick it all together. I love his Wallace and Gromit face!

Concentrating very hard!

What a great cow, we gave it a moo and 10/10.
Day 2: The little man asked to make the elephant. As the instructions were really similar to the cow he made this one much more confidently. 

I love these Trash 2 treasure packs. They are so easy to follow, excellent value and great materials. 
I did buy my own double sided sticky tape to use as I found it easier to unpick than the one supplied in the pack. We found that some of the large pieces kept falling off (when the little man was playing with them) so decided to staple them onto the tube instead of relying on the sticky tape.

My little man was so proud of the finished products that he wants to show them at school next week.

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