Weekly Roundup #10

6 November 2015

Dear friend,

This week I have been recovering from my dental surgery.  The swelling has finally gone down and I am able to start eating more than soup and yoghurt. It has been a busy week with work as it was parents' evening. I don't like working late because that means I only get to see the boys for about an hour before bed but thankfully it doesn't happen too often. And as usual we still managed to squeeze in lots of family fun!

Our week at a glance

My favourite moments this week were:

  • Sunny Autumn mornings playing with friends before school.
  • The Big lad listening to his brother read.
  • Dressing the house with all our Halloween crafty makes. 
  • Trick or treating: It was great fun walking through the dark streets with our lamps shining.
  • Bed time chats: Did you have a lovely afternoon with me mummy?
  • Watching Halloween Strictly in our PJs on Sunday morning.
  • Little man kissing me on the hand because he knew my mouth was sore.
  • Dancing to Macarena in the car.
  • Little man asking to go to the library.
Making Halloween cookies.

Walking through the forest when it's raining leaves.

I hope you had a fun week too!

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