Weekly Roundup #11

13 November 2015

Dear friend,

What a great week! The tooth is feeling much better and I can eat again. Hurray! We had a visit from fantastic family friends from England who I have known all my life. I loved showing them around and it made me really look and appreciate what an amazingly beautiful place we live in. Even though the weather hasn't been great we still managed a few trips out and had a lovely afternoon at the tea house in the park.

The less lovely part of the week was when our bathroom sprung a leak and water ran through our ceiling light in the downstairs loo. Being bathroom less has been quite challenging but thank god for my in laws living around the corner. Oma's shower has been very busy this week. I really hope our shower will be up and running again soon! At least we have our toilet and wash basin back in use.

Our week at a glance

My favourite moments this week were:

  • Seeing the boys snuggled together watching T.V.
  • A special visit from friends who are like family!
  • A Family board games afternoon.
  • Walking my dog and noticing how beautiful my street is this time of year.
  • Celebrating the fact I can eat again with; Steaming hot chocolate with lashings of cream and a piece of apple pie in a beautiful old tea house.
  • Laughing so much at Gogglebox I almost had an accident.
  • Watching the boys happily playing together.
  • The little man's proud face when he was moved up a group at swimming.
  • Singing with my colleagues at choir practice, it was challenging (Swedish, Spanish and English) but lots of fun!

Football practice on a floodlit pitch.

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