Weekly roundup #13

27 November 2015

Dear all,

The end is in sight our bathroom is almost ready! I can't wait! It has been a major challenge as both the big lad and I have had a rather nasty case of the tummy flu. But this week I had a treat, a fantastic weekend away with friends. A girls only weekend of chatting, drinking wine and shopping. It was just what the Dr ordered. We stayed in a B&B near Den Bosch that was styled beautifully and set in fantastic surroundings. I am super proud of myself, speaking Dutch, comfortably all weekend as I know I wouldn't have had the confidence or ability to do that a year ago.

Our week at a glance

My favourite moments this week were:
  • The little man falling asleep on my knee
  • The boys carrying the shopping home without being asked.
  • Listening to one of my pupils read with confidence when she couldn't speak any English 3 months ago.
  • New orchids from hubby.
  • Making Pom Pom animals with the little man.
  • Treating myself to some new clothes.
  • Coming home to my boys and lots of cuddles.
  • Getting in the Christmas spirit at my first Christmas show.
  • A ladies only weekend away in Den Bosch.

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