Christmas memories

25 December 2015

Dear friends,

What better way to celebrate Christmas day than a look back at Christmas since becoming a Mother. Some of my happiest memories brought together to share with you all. I hope you enjoy my rather indulgent Christmas day post. Happy Christmas everyone!

Christmas 2006: Our first Christmas as a family. We spent it in the UK at my parents' house. The big lad was 5 months old in this picture. Just look at that amazing smile. I loved that little jumper, although it had to be removed later as he was boiling in it! 

Christmas 2007: Another Christmas with Grandma and Grandad in the UK. I thought it would be cute to dress him in a Santa suit. Love the face.

Christmas 2008: I love this photo of the big man with Oma and Opa he was obsessed with trains at the time and we got one for round the tree.

Christmas 2009: The little man had arrived with a bang. He was 10 months and cruising around the furniture like crazy. A very proud Grandad.  

Christmas 2010: Snow!

Christmas 2011: Smart boys love the matching jumpers.

Christmas 2012: Someone wore themselves out.

Christmas 2013: Loving the excitement of Christmas morning!

Christmas 2014: Relaxed morning at home. Cracker mustache fun.

Which list were you on this year? Naughty or nice? I hope it was the nice list!
Enjoy spending time in the love of your family & friends this Christmas. x

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