Family fun: How to make Reindeer Christmas Cards

7 December 2015

Dear Friend,

This year I really wanted to add the personal touch to our Christmas cards and what better way to do that than by making your own. Then I read a brilliant post by the lovely Aby aka You baby me mummy; 15 awesome Christmas Cards to make with kids. Aby had done all of the leg work for me as here I found the ideal card for us. A beautiful reindeer card, I love reindeers and it is a simple yet effective design that we could all help with!

How to make Reindeer Christmas cards:

  • Buy card packs (or make your own). I bought these from my local thrift store, they were a bargain at only 59 cents per pack of 8 cards. 
  • Cut squares of white paper slightly smaller than the card. 
  • Draw a border around the paper with gold pen.
  • Set out the paper on the table and make four finger prints on each piece (or 3 or 5 according to the number of people in your family.) 
  • Use acrylic paint and high quality thick paper. Tip: The finger prints worked best when we used less paint, brush the paint onto your finger sparingly then print or wipe the excess paint off on the side of the dish/on some paper.
  • Leave the prints to dry.
  • Use permanent marker to draw on eyes, antlers and ears and red felt pen for a nose.
  • Write the Chistmas message using gold pen.
  • Finally stick the paper to the cards.

Tip: use special scissors to make a zigzag line for a different look.  

Tip: Use googly eyes to decorate some of the darker reindeers.

We were really happy with the finished product and I hope our friends and family will like them too. 

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