Family Fun: Monopoly Junior

14 December 2015

Dear friend,

The little man was very lucky to receive the game Monopoly Junior from Sinterklaas. He played it for the first time at school and came home full of enthusiasm about it then Hasbro games had some great discount offers this month so Sint obviously couldn't resist!

When I was younger we often played games together on Sunday's. We'd usually go for a run out somewhere in the car then return home windswept and energy used up. The games would come out and Monopoly was a firm favourite. I was always the dog, mum the iron, dad the top hat and my brother the car no-one ever wanted the boot or thimble. I have mixed memories about Monopoly. My mixed feelings come from the fact that I was am highly competitive but never won (I blame it on being the youngest).

My little man was super excited with his gift but the big lad was slightly more skeptical. He thought it was too young for him. Perhaps the 'junior' tag isn't right for a 9 1/2 year old. But he decided to join in with some persuasion.

The board is very similar to what I remember but simplified. The design is bright and colorful and modern. The squares have been updated there is a computer game shop which was popular with the boys.  I did rather miss the stations. But this simplified version is much clearer and easier to follow. The playing pieces aren't metal but plastic but have been updated, we now have a dog, cat, car and boat. In our house the fights are always over the dog. 

The rules are simpler as is the money (only 1M value) but it does still require some reading of the chance cards. I think once your kids get to know the game this will become easier as the themes on the cards are repetitive. 

It is a great game for promoting social skills, literacy and numeracy. The ease of the instructions make it accessible and winnable for everyone, regardless of age or skill. The game can turn around at any minute with those pesky chance cards (yes I lost!) Most importantly it is super fun for all the family. Highly recommended for younger kids but I can see the big lad losing some interest later. Overall a brilliant game and a great early introduction to Monopoly, I wish we'd had this when I was young, I might have won!

Lots of fun for everyone!

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