Weekly roundup #15

11 December 2015

Dear all,

This has been a super exciting week for all kids in Holland as we celebrated Pakjes Avond (present evening). On the evening of 5th December there was a loud knock on our door and two very excited boys ran to find 3 sacks of presents on the doorstep. My goodness we must have been very good.

I couldn't wait any longer and on Sunday morning (after making the lego dimension portal for the boys) I got to work on our Christmas tree. I went for a different design this year with new lights, copper baubles and beads hanging down rather than round. I love it. The Christmas decorations are minimal but the candles are plenty and it is really gezellig.

Our week at a glance

My favourite moments this week were:

  • A beautiful view in my rear view mirror on the drive home.
  • The boys playing together outside our local butchers. I love these games they've installed for the kids in our village shopping centre.
  • Walking the boys to school on the day Sint arrived, they were so excited I couldn't keep up with them.
  • Guessing what's inside the advent calendars.
  • The boys in their new PJs. I couldn't resist the matching pairs.
  • A surprise meeting with Piet in the village.
  • Watching the enormous Christmas tree go up.
  • Making the lego dimensions portal for the boys.

Watching Sint arrive at school: Piet was stuck on the roof so he came in a Fire Engine. 
The kids loved it and me too!

Pakjes avond (presents evening). A great night with all the family. 
Decorating the house for Christmas.

I hope you had an extra special week too!

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