Weekly roundup #16

18 December 2015

Dear all,

This was a weekend of Christmas Markets. First we visited the market in Leiden on Saturday and then on Sunday we went to Haarlem. It has really helped to get me in the Christmas Spirit, well the mulled wine did! And it was just what I needed after an extremely busy week at work. The end of term is always a hive of activity. Time with the boys has been short but we have been grabbing quality time together and playing Monopoly Junior most evenings after dinner. It is such a fab game!

Our week at a glance

My favourite moments this week were:

  • Watching my little man at swimming. He has made great progress and is almost ready to go for his diploma. Yippee!!!
  • Choir practice at school, wow so challenging but when we get it right sounds amazing!
  • Little man trying so hard at football and enjoying it so much. He assisted 2 goals this week and had a near miss.
  • The boys looking so handsome after their haircuts. 
  • Saturday afternoon in Leiden at the Christmas Market, it is such a beautiful city.
  • The little man's spontaneous cuddles.
  • Catching the amazingly beautiful sunset on an afternoon in Katwijk. 

This week I was invited to make Kerst Stukjes (Christmas pieces) by my neighbour.
It was a really fun and creative evening and we made some fantastic things.

I made a Christmas tree and a star. 
(I saw this idea for a Christmas tree made from twigs on another blog, sorry I can't remember which one. Please contact me if it was you and I will add a link to your original post.) 
Haarlem Christmas Market. 

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