A special cake for Grandad

4 January 2016

Dear friend,

I will never forget my dad telling us that he got rubbish presents for his birthday when he was younger because it was so close to Christmas (22nd December) and nobody really knew what to buy him or they just plain forgot. How sad!

I've always gone out of my way to try and find something different to help make his day special but as he's got older it has got more difficult. What do you get the man who has everything? Not the usual smellies, socks or a tie like when we were younger. Now the pressure is on to find something more creative.

A flash of inspiration struck when the lovely Emma from Baker's days contacted me to ask if I'd like cake. Well who is going to say no to that? I headed on over to the website to take a look and was really wowed by what I saw. 

The website is really clear and easy to navigate with a wide choice of cakes in different sizes and flavours. It is super simple to choose your own design, size and flavour. I was especially happy to see that they cater for my family members with food or allergy intolerances with a gluten free and a dairy free version. 

My fabulous nana certainly believed that food was love and always tried to feed us all up when we went to her house. What better way to show grandad our love than with an extra special cake?! I quickly found the perfect cake for grandad. We opted for a standard message although you can personalise the message too and vanilla sponge flavour.

The cake arrived in a special tin and with a small card, balloons and candles included, what a lovely touch!

We couldn't wait to open it up and see what was inside!

There is a great choice of design on the site, something for everyone but we picked this one.

The boys thought it was perfect for their grandad and I agreed.

I was really impressed with the quality of the icing and how it was finished, the thickness was just right.

Grandad was very happy with his cake! And it tasted fantastic. Really light and fluffy and just the right moistness not dry like some of the shop bought mass produced cakes we have had.

The big lad wanted seconds what better recommendation is there than that?!

Our cake was the letter box version for 4 people. It was great but next time I would definitely buy a larger one to share with the whole family.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for someone special then why not give Cake, a hug in a Tin!

I received this cake free of charge from Baker Days but all comments and opinions are of course my own.

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Photography @My_Dutch_Angle

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