Eavesdropping on my kids

25 January 2016

Dear friend,

Do you ever eavesdrop on your kids? My eavesdropping began quite unintentionally, I promise! 

We turned our spare bedroom into a playroom. I have been laid up in bed recovering from my operation and smiling to myself as I listened to my boys babbling away to each other. I have over heard some crazy things! 

Here are some of my favourites:

  1. I want to smell your breathe.
  2. Papa looks like pacman.
  3. Who are you Kirby or Bowser?
  4. Does Nova (our dog) miss her mummy? 
  5. My teachers going to have a baby, it looked weird.
  6. Is my eye going to fall out? 
  7. I have hairy legs.
  8. I give you the pump express.
  9. My PP (willy) liked it. (That one needed investigation!)
  10. I'm not a little baby anymore.
  11. You can't always pick, it has to be fair!
  12. Is bugger off rude?
  13. Hey Macarana, yeh! (Jumping in and out of the room naked.)
  14. Mum, he just pumped in my face
  15. Why do you have nipples?
  16. Robot has a really incredible power shot.
  17. My willy does special effects!
  18. I love you with all of my bottom.
  19. I just pumped on my leg.
  20. I can talk dog language, "Hello I'm a dog!" (In an gruff voice.)
  21. The computer is a fatter guy.
  22. Your breathe smells like broccoli.
  23. Let's measure our willies. 
  24. Do we have to go to school? No it's weekend. Yeeessssssss!
  25. Ssshhh mums coming.

The common theme seems to be pumps and willies. The trouble is in our house I can't say; Well they didn't get it from me! If it comes out in English it's my fault and it seems like most of the craziness is in English, Oooppps! 

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